Fiesta Market, Medford, OR

After researching superior Latino markets in the area we settled on Fiesta Market. Completely authentic and overwhelming. Hey, what can possibly go wrong? Great ingredients and I know my way around a kitchen.

Started off with this (we only needed 10 pounds.)


Knew I had to employ copious amounts of this but it’s only Jim and myself so I got the small size.


Chilies, I love heat so I bought four different kinds.


Used some spices and finally threw in a cinnamon stick! (Second row down three from the right hand side.)


This is all tongue-in-cheek. But it goes to prove how cooking different ethnic foods with vastly different ingredients isn’t, at all, that easy. But it helps us all to understand when we visit our next Mexican, Indian, Chinese, German, etc., restaurants we have developed new found appreciation for the knowledge and touch each kitchen brings to our plate.

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