Getting Healthy the Oregon Way: Oak Island.

Trying out all of these hikes is great because it’s taking me to parts of the city and outlying area that I’ve never seen before. Case in point, Oak Island on Sauvie Island. It’s of course, not an island within an island or anything crazy like that. It’s a peninsula on a shallow lake within Sauvie. The lake is popular with paddle boarders and similar recreation folks. I wanted to hike around it, and boy was I in for a rough time thanks to some mistakes.

The problems started when I arrived. It’s well into summer here right now so the sun was about four feet away and there wasn’t any shade. So, my choice to wear a black tee shirt was very poor; that had to go so I was walking around in the sun bare chested. Luckily I keep sunscreen in the car so that wasn’t a huge problem but I still ended up with some painful burns on my back.

The trail itself was very nice. There’s some old buildings to explore and lots of pastoral views until you get into a sparse forest. The forest doesn’t offer enough shade but it also doesn’t block your view of the water.

I liked this hike, I’ll probably just save it for a more overcast and cool day next time.

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