Life Without Stuff

Well, we’ve been in Oregon for two weeks and still no furniture, dishes, towels, clothes (other than what we threw in a suitcase). Now this may sound charming, and it was for the first two days. Then the excitement and sense of challenge wore off. As you can see, we do have our priorities, you will always need a great glass. Drinking from good glassware brings a sense of well-being and civility back to what would other wise be chaos.

High Tech Media Room/Office/Cocktail Lounge

What can I say, cozy! With Netflix and Amazon Prime we’re wanting for nothing. Well maybe a couch. And then some end tables and maybe a coffee table. And…

Luxury Suite

Haven’t slept in a tiny bed in years. Jim snores so on several nights I have gone into another bedroom and slept on the floor. Not bad, good for ones posture!

New House Keeper, always on time and very trustworthy!
No dishes, no cookware, no nothin’; this is the extent of our pantry

No dishes or cookware is our major hurdle, we’re cooks and we don’t have one pot, refuse to buy one because we own probably about five dozen of the best, which should be here at any moment. We have, however, dropped about five pounds a piece so every cloud does have a “Silver Lining.”


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