India’s Kitchen, Medford OR

So still with no household goods, we hold down to one meal out and one meal at house. Our meal at house is usually a sandwich, or cheese, crackers, and fruit. Notice I’m calling it a house, until we get our Mayflower delivery of belongings. An empty building can only be house not a home. We’ve been here two days short of two weeks. It started out being kind of fun but the thrill was short. Hey but I’m not bitter, at this point, I’m just plain torqued!

Had late lunch a few days ago at India’s Kitchen in Medford. While it wasn’t Santa Barbara’s “Flavor of India” it was not bad, it was different and good. Restaurant was super clean, service was excellent, and food was good, and in some cases it was excellent. Jim loved the Pakora with a mint sauce. I loved the Ginger Chicken, which I had never seen on an Indian menu before. You could smell the heat welling up from the dish.  I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted not only small bits of chicken, but big chunks of creamy eggplant with a heavy amount of clove, which is normally not a spice I appreciate, but was a stunning addition to this dish. You know the place is good when you still appreciate the flavors days later and you have a need or craving to go back. They are not shy about spices and heat, for those not accustomed to spicy, you may want to ask for a little help in ordering. We recommend India’s Kitchen.

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