KONO, New favorite Sauvignon Blanc

On way back to Oregon house from hiking in Jacksonville hills, (still no furniture, thanks Mayflower Moving, tomorrow is one week since we have seen no belongings.) we stopped in at Trader Joe’s. They were hosting a WINE and cheese pairing, what?!, would never see that in Santa Barbara. Chris, who moved here from Santa Barbara, eight years ago and loves it, was pouring a KONO 2017 Sauvignon Blanc. I have found a new favorite Sauvignon Blanc. Highly recommend it if you can find it. You’ll find it to be a brilliant pale green in the glass, this pure and bright New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has a vibrant fruit driven nose bursting with citrus fruits. So despite that we have no dishes, glasses, pots, pans, etc., we had a nice snack later in the evening. Wine, cheese, fruit, and nuts. All served on paper plates with one plastic knife. Have to admit we can only sink so low, Jim found a stunning scotch glass and I have an elegant white wine stemware. There’s a lot we will and will not do. Drinking from nasty glasses, we’ll never do.

BTW, if for some reason you cannot find the KONO, try Costco’s Kirkland brand, Sauvignon Blanc. It comes from the same region of New Zealand and is similar, a bit more minerally but nice at 8.95 a bottle. The KONO was 9.95.

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