Getting Healthy the Oregon Way: The hike that wasn’t.

So, there’s one hike that I’ve always wanted to take but couldn’t here in Oregon. The one tourist destination everyone goes to here in OR is Multnomah Falls. Who wouldn’t really? It’s one of the coolest places in the Columbia Gorge. The drive there also has tons of fun sights like Vista House and Latourell Falls, both of which I’ll have to write about some time.

But, a side effect of going there as a tourist, usually with other tourist friends in tow is I can never go on the 4 mile hiking trail to the top of the falls that always been enticing me. I tried to solve that recently, however.

Well then…

Yep, I’ll have to wait a bit longer. The fire last year did a lot of damage to the plants covering the mountainside and the trails to access it. So, it’s closed for safety reasons for now.

Anyway, further up the I84 there’s a spot called the Sandy River Delta. I know about it because I wrote a paper on it for my Environmental Sustainability class this term. More specifically how the Marmot Dam was destroyed ten years ago and the water released helped create the Delta. So I was interested to actually see what it looked like ten years later. It’s a nice enough hike, although I shouldn’t have gone in mosquito season. I’ll make it up to Multnomah some time.

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