Our Move

A week ago the packers came and started boxing up our stuff. It quickly became apparent that two ladies were not going to be nearly enough to get the job done. In the afternoon, Fernando showed up along with some other young men. When the day was done not nearly enough stuffed was packed, though they said they would be loading the next day. On Saturday, the move day, there was still a lot to be packed and a whole team of guys showed up a few at a time, until we had about a dozen people working. They managed to get everything loaded by 5:00. Realize we live on the side of a mountain, on a narrow windy road. It took three loads in a smaller truck to get everything moved; all of the furniture and an astonishing 160 boxes later it was gone.

Well now we are here in Medford Oregon, still waiting for our furniture to arrive. We have called the moving company repeatedly and they cannot give us a firm date when our stuff will arrive. We are sleeping on a newly purchased mattress on the floor with two cozy blankets. Eating off of paper plates with plastic knives and forks. We have no pots or pans. But we have two essentials: a expensive stemmed wine glass for Laura and a Scotch tumbler for Jim.  And we have each other. So all is well.

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