Getting Healthy the Oregon Way: Mt. Tabor

It can somehow be easy to miss a large mountain in the middle of a city, but that’s Portland for you. The entire city is so integrated with nature that it can be easy to miss a large park right in the middle of a residential area. That may seem weird but it’s Portland, weird is the city’s motto, and we also have some of the biggest parks in the world.

While it’s not the biggest, that would be Forest Park, Mt. Tabor in the NE part of town is one of my favorites. It lives up to it’s name, being centered around a large mountain. It has an extensive system of roads and trails throughout the whole park so you can walk for several miles without doubling back. It also has a great reservoir system throughout which adds some visually pleasing water features.

All in all Mt. Tabor is one of my favorite spots that unfortunately is a ways out of the way for me. But when I found myself in that part of town I took time out of my day to go for a quick walk.


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