Dunsmuir OR

Today on our way up to our new home in Medford Oregon, James suggested we stop in at this little town under the shadow of Mt. Shasta. James said it had a picturesque and quaint downtown, not to mention one of the best burger joints around. Well, James was right. It was disarmingly charming, with some interesting characters thrown in for good measure.

Walking down the street, we encountered this rather frightening-looking dreadlocked black guy cracking a whip. Every time he cracked the whip it was like a gun shot. I would have taken his picture, but I was too scared. I did work up the courage to ask him what causes the noise when a whip cracks. He, very articulately explained that it is because the tip of the whip actually breaks the sound barrier because it travels so fast. He went on to explain that the whip is the very first recorded weapon invented by man, before spears, arrows, what have you. He said all it takes to tame a lion is a whip and a chair and the chair is because the tamer is lazy. Sorry, wish we had taken a photo.

Moving on we encountered Paul Cooksey. He was tending this community garden. Paul is 72 years old and Laura will soon be running away with him.

As soon as Laura learns Paul’s abb exercises she will be leaving him

Ok, sorry Laura, no abbs.

In Paul’s garden

As soon as I can I want to get back into fishing. Did it a lot when we lived in Colorado, but Santa Barbara is a wasteland for rivers and streams. Up in Oregon and Northern CA there is some really good fly fishing for trout and salmon. Will begin with some lessons from a guide to get started. Looking forward to the solitude and quiet.

This is the Ted Fay Fly Fishing shop in Dunsmuir CA

This is the burger place James recommended – The Burger Barn. We’ll have to take his word for it. It was 10:30 AM and we were just not hungry for a burger yet. Should have gone anyway ’cause later on we had the shitiest Mexican food ever at a place in Medford that shall remain nameless. No one ate anything we just kind of moved it around on our plates.

The Burger Barn Dunsmuir, CA


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