Getting Healthier The Oregon Way: Part 1

I recently, after far too long, managed to make it into the doctor for a full physical. While I’m still healthy and happy, there’s always improvements to be made. Specifically I needed to get out and about more to account for all of the rich food I’m eating, who would have thought?

Luckily, Portland may be one of the easiest and best cities in the US for urban hikes. These are hikes that you can go on completely within the city limits. No need to drive long distances and take a whole day because it’s really easy to drop in on a quick hike for a few miles.

I’m going to detail a few of my favorites. The one I decided on today is the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Preserve. It’s a really nice easy three mile hike that takes you around a protected wetland and along the banks of the Willamette near the Oaks Amusement Park. It’s easy and has a nice mix of terrain and urban and natural features. Here’s some pictures that Diana and I took before the thunderstorm caught up with us.


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