My Mom and Life!

So many many of you are asking about my Mom’s health. Most of you know that I’m in Wisconsin in support of her. Thank you for all that you do and all your concerns.  She had surgery on Thursday 3-MAY-18 and it was difficult. Result, in a nut shell, is she has maybe one year left. She’s been so cool, Has made all of her end of life decisions. She was presented with a lot of surgeries, tests, options, etc. But she knows options and refused, most, she’s going to play it out her own terms . Don’t want to make this a SAD post it is really a HAPPY post. Mom knows what going to happen and she is totally in charge of her decisions on end of life. Letting her go will be saddest and most difficult.

Tomorrow we’re going out for Prime Rib dinners. Me, Mom and ton of her best friends to eat big slabs of meat, potatoes, gravy, and ALL the fixens. Mom’s decision, liven LARGE!!

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