Driving in Green Bay

I don’t know what my problem is with Green Bay. Do any of you experience that one city that you just can’t get your head around? Green Bay is mine. I never know which direction I’m going, don’t know any landmarks to guide me. You know the ones where ahhhh, “that thing” now I know where I am.  The city has done a great job of building big new roadways with lots of round-abouts. Normally this would be a good thing. But I also have a issue with Google Maps. I hate getting directions about ten feet away from an important turn. She doesn’t even give me the name of the street I’m turning on to, so there’s no feedback to assure me that I’m still on course. The other day I was on one highway attempting to get onto Highway 41. Google is telling me to stay on Highways 41, however, the Highway has two options: one way to Appleton and other to DePere. What?

My Mom is a great help in all this, she’s yelling at me that it was much easier when the roads were the old way, she hates round-abouts, I’m driving too fast, she wants to stop for a coffee.

Remind me to never take a trip to Green Bay during a Packers home game.

2 thoughts on “Driving in Green Bay

  1. Hi Laura. Interesting that you say “Do any of you experience that one city that you just can’t get your head around?” In fact I have not one but two places. I think that I have a good sense of direction and inbuilt navigation but in two places it all seems to get completely scrambled and I have no idea why. The first place is Birmingham (here in the UK, not the one in Alabama) and the second is Austin, Texas. OK, when I’ve been in Austin I’ve been driving on my own with all the usual issues of jetlag, driving on the other side of the road, sitting on the other side of the car etc but that is also true of most other places I go…………so what makes Austin so different for me? Vic

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