Laura’s Little Put-Put

Shortly after moving to California, Laura informed me she wanted a nice sporty convertible. Not really practical in Massachusetts, here in SoCal you can pretty much drive around with the top down all year long.

She spotted this 1997 BMW Z3 with only 10,000 miles on it and fell in love with it. Now 21 years later she only has put 40,000 miles on it and has kept it in pristine condition. However faced with our move to Oregon, she was agonizing on whether to keep or sell it. It needs an alignment, new tires and a new rag top (the top leaks.)

We put and ad on Craigslist and had one guy come out and look at it. When he asked if he could go for a test drive, you could see Laura was not happy. No one touches her car. She does not even like me driving it. So her mind was made up we would ship it up to Oregon in advance of our arrival. Our great real estate agent, Gary, who has gone over and above helping us with all sorts of issues, agreed to meet the driver and put the car away in the garage of our new house in Medford Oregon.

IMG_1768 (1)
And this is not as pristine as Laura normally keeps it.
IMG_1761 (1)
Of course it has the high-end wood-burl finish on the interior

Here it is being loaded on to the transport truck headed for Medford Oregon.

And here it is in its new home looking happy but lonely for Mama Laura

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  1. I TrueType understand this!!! Good decision Too many losses

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    1. We thought better of it and decided we needed to be closer to civilization. Medford/Ashland is about the same size as SB/Goleta with good medical. Laura’s mom is 2 hours away from decent hospitals.

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