The Nook

Ate at “The Nook” a couple of days ago with good friends Cheryl and Mike. Geez, we love these guys. We’ve known them for about a year and it’s like we’ve been friends since we were kids; we play tennis together (and don’t fight, well hardly ever), we have dinners and lunches together (all of us are Foodies), discuss movies, go on walks, gossip, and talk about family.

So introduced Cheryl and Mike so “The Nook”, which is located within “Lama Dog” in Santa Barbara’s “Funk Zone”. Wish I had checked to see if dogs are allowed. Mike & Cheryl could have brought their dog, Luna. Well, next time, huh?

We all ordered different beers and shared a taste. Ordered different lunches, all shared a taste. We didn’t vote but I know we all agreed mine was the best. I had ordered Chef Norbert Schulz’s homemade bratwurst. Being German, I took one bite and experienced home. I returned to the Mother Ship! Only difference was Norbert’s was best I’ve ever tasted. (sauerkraut, pickle, braised sweet onion, dark beer mustard on a pretzel roll)


Jim had the Waterline Burger: salmon and shrimp patty, avocado, grilled tomato relish, tarragon mayonnaise, and watercress on a brioche bun.


Mike and Cheryl wisely split the Nook Burger: ground chuck and tenderloin patty, bacon jam, tomato, pickle, Swiss cheese, “special” house sauce.


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