Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

I’m one of the luckiest people on the planet. Two or three times a week I incorporate the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden into a hike. Most of these walks I have the company of dear friend Renee and her dog, Sofie. Maybe, because I may be leaving for Oregon pretty soon, the Garden wanted to send me off with the most beautiful flowers I have ever experienced. Everywhere I turned, there they were, Renee and Sofie put up with me stopping to take some photos, thanks guys! So life doesn’t get much better; beautiful garden, company of best friend, and Sofie loves me too!

Instead of tiny photos I’m posting bigger shots so you too can see how lovely it is. Don’t ask me the names of any of these flowers, I don’t know. Just know they’re lovely and and they’re beautiful.

P.S. I know my stunning artist friend Mooneen will be inspired and create a tremendous work of art. When she does I’ll share her genius with all of you.


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  1. Heh I canโ€™t get the photos and YES Iโ€™d gladly paint from them. I loved this post

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