Pine Street Market

Again in my unending quest to find the best and cheapest food in Portland I found myself craving a burger. While Killer Burger is great, I also was craving something new. So I turned to the Oregonians excellent guide on cheap eats.  The entry for Bless Your Heart Burger intrigued me so I gathered up a few friends and went.

We couldn’t find it from the street, but there was a pleasant surprise as to why. Bless Your Heart Burger is part of a small food court type arrangement called Pine Street Market. Pine Street Market itself seems to be a bit of a testing ground for a lot of very well-regarded restaurateurs in the area. Bless Your heart for instance is owned by the guys responsible for a very highly regarded restaurant named “Toro Bravo”. Originally I was just going to focus on getting a burger, but the options made it a struggle. I ended up turning down some damn fine looking ramen for the burger and was not disappointed.

These things never seem to make it to the photo stage without first stopping at my mouth.

I ordered the eponymous Bless Your Heart Burger. My general rule is to order the thing the restaurant is named after first. It’s a standard burger, but then add delicious chili, pickles, cheese, onions and coleslaw to create a unique experience. I loved every bite.

Diana treated herself to a cocktail, we hadn’t planned on that but the full bar had some very interesting sounding cocktails including the Negroni Slushee, which she got. It was made with Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, and orange juice in slush form. I was driving so I held myself to one cocktail, the Cheerwine based Carolina Wino with Bourbon, vanilla, lime, soda, and Peychaud’s Bitters really called to me. Held to one, damn, wish I wasn’t driving.

Adam was more in the mood for Pizza, which was great because Checkerboard Pizza was right there and had excellent pizza by the slice. Diana, being from New York, is extremely particular about her pizza so if it meets her standards it’s usually very good. She had a bit of Adam’s slice and pronounced it good.

All and all I was very pleased with Bless Your Heart Burger. But I’ll be coming back to Pine Street Market to try a few more of the hidden treasures within.

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