The Best Coffee Ever

We own a Keurig coffee maker. It is really convenient but it makes really shitty coffee. Plus I don’t like all the waste that it generates with those plastic pods. I usually only drink 2 cups in the morning and Laura drinks only herbal tea so I am willing to spend a bit more time and effort to get a good cup of coffee.

Being an inveterate reader of Reddit I found a discussion of how to make the best cup of coffee (link here). The consensus was you need:

A burr grinder and an Aeropress coffee maker. I ordered both them from Amazon and wow, what a difference! The burr grinder produces a very consistent grind; much more consistent than a blade grinder like a Krupps. The Aeropress has several advantages. It can brew American-style coffee as well as expresso. It uses little filters so you can use a much finer grind than you can with a French Press. And it is an immersion-type, which produces full-flavored coffee without the bitterness. Now I just use the Keurig to produce the hot water.

Check them out.

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, Conical Burr Mill, Brushed Stainless Steel

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