LifeStyle – Family!

At least once a week I want to write about lifestyle. Hope you will not think it’s boring and will embrace my thoughts. I’ve been going through old family photos and have re-discovered how important and dear family is. Family, so easy to accept and disregard in the same thought.

Here’s my first sharing, this is a photo of my father Tom (on left) and my Uncle Max (on right) both lovingly goofing with my son James. So here are his elders messing with him because they love him. Mess with his hair, teach him how to shoot a gun (responsibly,) the display his ridiculously large sweatshirt. And look at James’ face he knows he’s loved! Dad and Uncle are so proud of him.

3 thoughts on “LifeStyle – Family!

  1. Are you related to the South Carolina Kirkley’s.
    Asa, Daniel, Hugh, John Kirkley…migrated to Indiana and IL?

  2. My Father-in-Law was from South Carolina, had a plantation on Edisto Island. So I would think we could very well be related. My father-in-law was James Robert Kirkley, Jr, my husband is James Robert Kirkley, III and our son is James Robert Kirkley, IV. We grew up in Colorado, moved to Boston for twenty years and have been in Santa Barbara for the last 21 years.

  3. So sorry I have not gotten back to you. I am searching now with the information. I agree that we are related and as soon as i find the information I will share it with you. There are so many Kirkley’s it makes my head spin trying to keep track. There are 2 brothers who came here and then split up. Half the Kirkleys were Confederate and the other half Union. I am beginning to believe the Kirkley’s did not believe in birth control..lololol.

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