Spring is finally here, time to enjoy it

With the weather is finally taking a turn for the better, I decided I couldn’t stay cooped up in my apartment on a bad TV binge and doing homework anymore. I’ve also found that between all of the food posts I’ve done and not having time for Crossfit because of school I’ve put on a lot of winter weight.

So, that means it’s diet and exercise time. Anything really is better than the nothing I was doing. So cutting back on calories and adding outdoor excursions seemed to be the way to go. With the weather finally becoming bright and sunny this seemed like the perfect time for a nice hike.

Which brings me to Sauvie Island. Located north west of Portland in a break in the Columbia River its one of my favorite ways to escape the city and go to the countryside. The whole thing is farms and beaches with a big portion of protected wildlife refuge in the far north.

The hike I’ve found there is a nice, flat 8 mile hike suitable for beginners. Diana and I decided Freya had been a good girl and needed some outside time too.

Such a good girl

The hike ends at a lighthouse on the northern tip of the island. We didn’t make it that far this time because we got hungry and decided to stop for lunch and we had some time constraints. But we’ll make it next time.

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