Cajun Kitchen

How many waiters would “Punk” you like this? I dare say, none, but when you’re the best waiter in the world, you can totally do this, and we’re honored to participate. So here’s the set-up, we had our best friends John and Cindy visiting from Wisconsin, we wanted them to experience best Cajun food and Best Waiter in Santa Barbara. Easy choice – Cajun Kitchen on De La Vina in Santa Barbara and best waiter, Alex!!! Sometimes you get an incredible wait staff and OK food and other times visa-versa. With Cajun Kitchen and Alex you get the WHOLE experience every, every, every time. You arrive at your table, Alex joins you and bobs and weaves, using California hand gestures that enchant you, he speaks in his lilting California patois that is hypnotizing. Sure Alex could suggest we order the  Gold Laced Grits that we’ll happily pay half a million dollars for, but he doesn’t. Instead he suggests amazing dishes he knows you’ll love because he can see it in your eyes! And…he’s right every time! Brunch was amazing, thanks to cooking staff in the back of house and ONE amazing wait person the in the front of the house. Grand experience. Wisconsin friends were overwhelmed, Jim and I want to adopt Alex!!

Jim always gets the Blackened Catfish with Grits


The beignets are very popular


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