Mashed Potatoes

So I’ve told all of you several tales about my college roommates, but I’ve never told you about Dean’s love for mashed potatoes. When I made mashed potatoes Dean always helped me peel them, this is due in large part to his love for mashed potatoes and the fact that he would eat, at least half of all I would make for five people.

He would start the meal by serving himself a whole dinner plate of ‘taters. He spread them out on his plate so the whole thing would be about an inch thick. He would then spread butter all over the top, a little salt, and a good heavy grind of pepper over the whole thing. He would clean his plate and then go back to the kitchen to serve himself a normal dinner, which always included another (normal) helping of potatoes.

Dean was, and still is, a stick. He was the only one of the five of us that didn’t participate in some form of formal exercise. Weird! Perhaps there’s something to this “Dean’s Potato Diet.”

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