Caviar Spread Djurgården

While we were in Stockholm, Sweden, we stopped for lunch at a small outdoor sidewalk cafe on the island of Djurgården. We ordered this since it sounded exotic and caviar is plentiful and cheap in Sweden (at least it was when we were there in 1985 and it was the only thing that was cheap. I remember being shocked to pay $10 for a Scotch in the hotel bar). It was served to us on toast points. It was so good we asked the waitress for the recipe. You can make this with black caviar, it tastes great but black Caviar is visually off-putting.

Use a nice red or orange caviar. It does not have to be expensive. Caviar adds that nice mouth-pop when you bite into it. Careful with the salt in this recipe though, caviar can be very salty.

In Sweden, if you go into a supermarket they have literal vats of caviar in the deli case – mindblowing!

We recommend this one. caviar

Red Lumpfish Caviar (3.5 ounce)


Author: Jim Kirkley

Excellent starter or appetizer from Sweden

Serve over toast points or fine water crackers.

Serves: 2

Caviar Spread Djurgården


2 tablespoons, Red Lumpfish Caviar or any yellow or orange caviar
1 tablespoon, red onion – minced very fine
1 egg – boiled
1 tablespoon, mayonnaise


  1. Finely chop egg and blend with remaining ingredients.
  2. Garnish with a bit more caviar and some fennel frond, chive spear, or dill.



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