Give Me Moor Mesa

We took a nice walk the other day up on Moor Mesa, about four miles round trip, over one mile is right along the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean. We stopped several times along the way and watched for Gray Whales, it is the height of their northern migration, and we were optimistic about possible sightings.  Alas, no whales on this day. We here in SoCal are considering ourselves very lucky. After only one rainy day during our rain season (DEC, JAN & FEB) , we have been getting nice rain showers in March. Due to rain the night before trail was super muddy, had mud everywhere. But that’s OK we desperately need rain and landscape was Ireland green with new fresh sprouts.

For locals or you whom are vacationing here, but very careful of Poison Oak at beginning and end of trail, especially if you have dogs.

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