Eating cheap in Portland

Portland has got a lot of things going for it. Great social scene, lots of great food, and wonderful natural beauty to name a few. To get the good and cheap stuff, you have to look around for it.

Luckily the Oregonian is a great local newspaper and has my back. They ran this article recently.

The ultimate guide to Portland’s 50 best inexpensive restaurants.

I was intrigued for sure. With finals coming up, I needed some good cheap food to relax a bit, you know, “Comfort Food.” I grabbed some friends and hit up 808 Grinds. It was WAY out of the way for me, but after eating there we decided it’s actually good that it’s more difficult to get to. If it where more accessible the line to get in would be around the block.

Me in the background, it was hard not to dig right in.

They have a small menu, which I prefer. For a Chef a small menu is code for the food is fresh. I went with the Oregonian’s recommendation and got the 808 fried chicken but I also had to try the Kahlua pork. Luckily there was a combo. Diana got the ginger chicken.


It’s the typical Hawaiian spread of sticky rice and macaroni salad, so it’s not exactly diet food. But it’s all you need for a full day’s meal. With my beer it came in higher than the $9 the article stated, but I knew I was getting a big meal so I had skipped lunch. This filled me up and then some. More over it tasted great. I’ll be doing moreĀ  on this topic for sure.

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