Practical Approach to Entertaining Without the Drama of Perfection

I never use the word “perfect” in my life or in my postings. “Perfect” sets you up for too many high expectations and failures… nothing’s ever “perfect.” You become robbed of all the enjoyment. Entertaining isn’t about impressing people. You should be able to relax so you can be glued to the chair, with your guests, instead of chained to the kitchen. Here are some tips:

  • Always work within your abilities.
  • Remember you don’t get medals for making everything from scratch.
  • Get the best ingredients and then do as little as possible with them.
  • Keep things simple and focus on the details.
  • Create a look: use your most beautiful objects with everyday ordinary things.
  • Ask yourself, “What can I do to make my guests feel more welcomed?”
Lavish Christmas Buffet
Using the simple tips above you can avoid this stress inducing nightmare!

My personal tip that proved to be extremely successful: Last time we did a big party I located the salmon in the kitchen, the baked ham in the dining room, and the beef tenderloin in the main hall. All surrounded by cheeses and tidbits. Putting food in different locations made the guests move and ultimately they all introduced each other and engaged in conversation. The fact that the guests had to forage for their supper forced them to mingle. Nice party, I had a great time! I wish you a great time too. Let me know.

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