My walk to school

Anyone who’s gone to college at a commuter campus knows that the hardest part isn’t the homework, lectures, or finals, it’s the daily battle to get a parking spot. I have a bit of an advantage here since I scheduled my Monday and Wednesday classes early and there’s tons of spots then. But Tuesday and Thursday I’m on my own trying to find a spot at around noon. Not going to happen.

So instead, I decided to walk for the whole term. It’s four miles round trip so I’m confident I’m getting my 10,000 steps. It’s also a excellent way to get good and awake before I get to my Business Finance class. For the first bit of term, this worked really well, but then…

That snow wasn’t there last night.
Yeah, that’s going to be a heck of a walk. In case you didn’t know, late February saw Portland get a bunch of snow dumped on it. We thought we had made it out of winter without the massive snow problems we had last year. But apparently not.

That white stuff are big fat flakes, still falling.
It’s good I walk because I wouldn’t have been able to drive for sure. I love my car but it’s tiny and light and doesn’t handle the snow very well at all. Portland snow is unique in that it somehow manages to freeze on the roads forming a solid sheet of ice and the roads stays that way for two or three days. Luckily, this time, we only had to deal with the ice for one day.  No one could drive on that day but it sure was beautiful and quiet.

My favorite part.
One thing I love about Portland is how they go out of their way to create footpaths over various places so that people who walk have easier routes to follow rather than following the road. One segment of my walk takes me through the forest before I pop back out into a suburb. It’s great.

Next to the freeway.
Even the roadway I have to walk along looks nice covered in snow. Anyway all of this has long melted and the walk is back to normal. But I had to take a few pictures to preserve it. Hope you enjoyed sharing my walk with me.





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