Oscar Party Part 2

There are some really great pictures and nominees for this year’s Oscars. One of our favorite actors is Gary Oldman, who is a terrific actor with a huge range. I can remember seeing him first in “The Professional” where he plays this really scary psychotic, evil, bad cop.

In Darkest Hour, Oldman really recreates Winston Churchill. It is no wonder he has already won Best Actor in the Golden Globes and Critic’s Choice. The movie too is quite good, telling the story of the difficulty Churchill had rallying Parliament to get behind England going to war with Hitler. Even though Neville Chamberlain was no longer Prime Minister, he had great influence over his party and was strongly advocating negotiating a peace accord with Hitler. Churchill eventually prevailed and the rest is history.

Gary Oldman as Sir Winston Churchill

Winston famously liked cigars and scotch, which he would enjoy throughout the day. In the evening, at a meal he would drink champagne and for dessert liked Stilton or Gruyere cheese. So champagne, Stilton and Gruyere cheese are going on the menu for our Oscars party Sunday night.

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