Comfort Zone

One can pontificate about COMFORT, but you don’t really appreciate it: friendship, comfort, and love until it’s gone


Our tennis coach, Tommy Horton, has been our coach for over ten years. And is now, just not a coach, but a dear, dear friend. Due to Thomas Fire and Montecito Mudslide we haven’t been able to share time with him in over six weeks. Just so you understand, he’s on the clock, if he can’t coach he doesn’t earn money, so for weeks and weeks he’s not making a living. Also his lovely wife, who drives a school bus, can’t get into Santa Barbara and drive, so she’s not pulling down a paycheck either.

So today, after many weeks, we were able to get back in to Knollwood Tennis Club in Montecito and get a lesson with Tommy. We were held up at the entrance by a highway patrol guy who was reticent to let us in to the club. He had not heard they were open (they really weren’t no water, no restrooms) but he let us go in to wait for Tommy who arrived a few minutes later.

The courts were in amazingly good shape considering they overlook Oprah Winfrey’s estate, which was covered in a foot of mud!

The drive through Montecito was sobering to say the least. Much had been cleaned up, but there was much evidence of the destruction still remaining; it was quite an experience for us to see it in person.

Not to preach but there are many stories of disastrous situations that are not epic stories but are everyday tragedies of hard working people being prevented from doing their jobs and not being able to earn their well-deserved livings.

We’re glad to see things getting back to normal. Stories of people sinking back to normal lives and getting back to daily routine. Saw it many many times this morning. Wow, American’s are awesome people. We’re sure people all over the planet are the same but we here in Santa Barbara are amazingly awesome.



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