The Naked City

Now we’re fixing to share some observations and learned information on Portland, Oregon. Things you would not know by spending a day or two in the city. Some of what we share is researched and some was obtained by personal experience and observation. We won’t share which is which.

Portland alone, with a population around 600,000 circa 2014, has about forty-eight full-nudity strip clubs inside the city, or eight clubs per 100,000 residents. That places Portland somewhere between the forth and eighth spots among the one hundred largest cities in the United States for strip clubs per capita. But counting strip clubs is not as easy as it would seem. Some clubs of note are “Dancin’ Bare”, “Club Skinn”, “Peek a Boo”, “Boom Boom Room”, and the infamous “Blush Lucky Devil Lounge”

What constitutes a strip club? How do you count them? A quick internet search of club listings nationwide will illustrate that many are not conventional full-nudity strip clubs. This quick search will also likely put a virus on your computer!



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