Columbia River Gorge Trip

Yesterday we drove up the Columbia River Gorge. Stopped at Vista House, which was built in 1916 to commemorate the completion of the first scenic highway in the US. A little foggy and rainy, but still a terrific view.

Stopped at some waterfalls along the way. This one is called Latourell Falls. Not as famous or popular as Multnomah Falls which is easily visible from the Interstate. Latourell is an easy walk up from the parking lot and was really flowing with all the rain we were getting. (Might want to turn down your volume before viewing, it was loud)

We stopped in the town of Hood River, which is the wind surfing capital of the world. No one was windsurfing this day. It was cold and rainy.  We ate at Broder Øst, which is famous for its Nordic Brunch (brunch we are finding out is a big thing in and around Portland.)

Drove back to Portland and spent the rest of  the day browsing old-fashioned paper books (who says paper books are dead?) at Powell’s (the world’s largest independent bookstore) … what fun!


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