FUBONN Supermarket, Portand OR

We live in such interesting times. FUBONN, largest Asian Mall in Oregon. Words cannot describe this place, but I’ll try through images.

I’d love to cook with so many of the ingredients we saw there. Huge selection of Vegan and Vegetarian offerings. Prices were also ridiculous low, huge oysters – $8.95 a dozen.  Couldn’t help but notice bounty of bean sprouts, I love bean sprouts and can rarely find them in Santa Barbara. All the produce was magnificent, we’d never take our wok off the stove if we had access to all these fresh Asian greens. Also lots of stuff we’ve never seen before. We were reduced to being kids in a candy store, giddy with our discoveries.


This is such an oxymoron, Taiwanese Vegetarian Ham with Chicken Flavor. It’s not chicken, or ham. It’s not even meat. It’s tube meat without the meat!


It’s like Portland’s bean sprout scene is thumbing it’s nose at me!


My grandparents (German) use to pickle these. Portland is somewhat famous for it’s love of pickled products.


Here’s another product that stumps me. I asked Jim what he would write about a duck head, his reply was, “quack quack.”

Durians have a notorious aroma likened to rotting meat, turpentine, and gym socks. Durians are roughly the size of a cantaloupe. Don’t think I’m up to the challenge of tasting one of these things. They say once you get past the smell they’re really quite good.  Like any smelly edible (Limburger cheese) once you get past the smell it’s delicious.

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