Movie or are you sitting in your living room?

So we went to the movies in Portland the other day. What a surprise!!! Recliners!!! And yes, this photo was taken before Jim went out to Concession and got a beer. How civilized is this?

Wanted to see “Star Wars” but yeah, so does everyone else on the planet. Got into “Lady Bird” hmmm…wouldn’t see it again. Seeing something twice or more is our standard for good movie. This one wouldn’t see again. Don’t want to offend but it just didn’t move us. Acting was stellar but, in our opinion, doesn’t hold a candle to Frances McDormand in “3 Billbords.” Oh my gosh, that was some fine acting, as Frances always does, remember Fargo!

Anyway who could not enjoy a movie in a recliner with a beer? Yeah Portland!!!

2 thoughts on “Movie or are you sitting in your living room?

  1. Hey Laura, When we were evacuated in San Luis Obispo we went to the same type of movie theater in downtown SLO! And saw Star Wars, but I beg to differ on Star Wars we loved it and if we could go back to SLO and sit in those recliners, we’d watch it again! Happy New Year Y’all. xoxo Lisa

  2. Hey Auntie! This is so cool! I am so happy you guys are doing this so I can know about your cool adventures 🙂 I have been tempted to watch LadyBird, but now I know I don’t need to…still waiting to see Star Wars. Hopefully soon! That movie theater sounds amazing, can’t wait to visit James one day soon! Miss you all!

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