Guardian Games, Portland’s Grandest Game Store

I love board games, grew up on them! I spent summers with my Grandma & Grandpa on Boot Lake in northern Wisconsin. I started the day in my swim suit and ended the day bathing in the lake after shedding my swim suit. But, the night was all about games! We played board games: Sorry, Checkers, Chess, but Monopoly was my favorite. Our games would last for, not hours, but days. Seriously! My wonderful Uncle Max, after playing Sheep’s Head with adults would come into the children’s area and interrogate me as to why I made Monopoly decisions and deals. He taught me a lot, large part of who I am, today.

So, when James walked me into Guardian Games I experienced being welcomed back to the “Mother Ship.” Never imagined there was a place like this on the planet. Games, games, games everywhere. Games from floor to ceiling, not figuratively but literally. Guardian has areas where you can check out a game and play it to help you decide if it’s a fit for you.  Also a game room, which serves beer starting at 5:00pm. The gaming tables are Han Solo being frozen in Carbonite tilted horizontally. So you’re playing a game and looking down on Harrison Ford’s anguished face. That’s distracting!

Love this place. We should, myself and Jim included, stop watching TV, jump off our phones, and spend more time playing games. Portlanders are nice, considerate, and generous people. Can’t say for sure but would venture to guess, they have developed an evolved personal connection. And perhaps, their connection through board games had a part in this evolution.


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