Lardo: Pig Out!

Yesterday we were going to drive up to Hood River, but we got a late start and it was cold and rainy. So instead we did what Portlander’s do: we ATE!

We went to Lardo, a venerable sandwich shop in SE Portland on Hawthorne Street. They are rightly famous for their delicious and innovative sandwiches. The place was packed as usual, but we managed to find a table.

If you want to torture yourself, visit their website here.

James ordered their so-called Cold Fried Chicken sandwich which isn’t cold, but the fried chicken is layered with a hot sauce, which contrasts nicely with cooling blue cheese, pickle and lettuce. Of course there is also bacon, James would have it no other way. Here is a picture:


Laura and I split a so called Char Siu Reuben: Chinese Barbecue Pork, Swiss Cheese, home-made spicy cabbage kimchi, XLB Secret Sauce, and rye bread toasted. It was really delicious you would not think of cheese and Asian ingredients going together but they did; real perfection. The creation was courtesy of Jasper Shen and Laura Tran of XLB Restarant in Portland (another place we are going to have to try.)

Here is a picture of that one (yummy-looking isn’t it):


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