Freddy’s: Our Favorite Store in Portland

We love shopping at Fred Meyers here in Portland. Even the smallest Freddy’s is huge. They let you buy a single carrot, single stalk of celery, etc. This is great if you are only staying a short time and want to buy only enough for a single meal. Their prices are very reasonable and the selection is great. Plus lots of free samples. You can sit inside the store and have a beer or taste wine. (No liquor; Oregon has state-controlled liquor stores). You can even bring in a growler and have it refilled in the store. They have one of those sushi bars where the plates come round on a little conveyor belt and you get to pick what you want, just like in Japan. Entirely civilized.


Parking is a problem in Portland. This store has underground parking, which is additionally nice when it is raining, which it frequently is right now. They have the cool escalators for the shopping carts. You ride the escalator down with your groceries coming along side of you.


If you ever visit Portland, even if you are just passing through you should stop in at Freddy’s. Got to cut this short, going to Freddy’s.

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