Addictive Game

A few years ago we learned of this internet game. It is called GeoGessr. The way it works, after you sign up, you get dropped somewhere in the world. You are in Google Streetview. Now it is your job to figure out where you are and then make a guess. The closer you come to being right the more points you get. The photo above is a typical view of how the game begins. By using clues like road signs, tree types, and weather you are encouraged to deduce where you are in the world according to Google Maps.

Now take it from two obsessive people, Laura and myself, you can totally waste days on this game. Nothing says you cannot use Google search, Google Translate, or any other resource to help you figure out where you are. It is really fun and free! It helps you learn geography. But don’t start unless you have time to waste. Also the longer you stay in the game the fewer and more complex the clues. Last time we played we knew we were in northern Portugal, nah…we were in southern Brazil.

P.S. We didn’t have time to waste but we played it anyway. Just couldn’t help ourselves! Damn you GeoGessr!

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