Thanksgiving Thoughts

Today is Thanksgiving. Laura and I would like to express our thanks for some very important things in our lives. We are in good health. We have a loving relationship with all of our small family. We have some great friends. Everything else is just dressing!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Jim, Laura and James


I also want to share with you a milestone Laura reached yesterday, of which I am very proud. CONGRATULATIONS LAURA! I will quote from her Facebook post:


Just accomplished a major milestone. Sometime ago I set a goal to walk the distance from my front door in Santa Barbara, CA to my other front door in Townsend, WI, a distance of 2,269.1. Today I hit a total of 2,270.05. I DID IT! I REALLY DID IT. Been talking with walking partners about next goal, decided to walk distance to front door of our old home in Massachusetts. Another 1,162.5 miles, ha, a cake walk. Thanks to all my fantastic walkingpartners, Renee and (dog) Sofie, my most loving neighbor, she’s my walking partner, psychiatrist, and political anchor. James, my son, he doesn’t walk terribly fast but he can walk all day, every day. John and Cindy (along with dog) Chance. Willing to walk anytime, rain or shine. Always look forward to stories with them on the trail. And my incredible husband Jody (Jim) who knows me so well and always steps in to take me on a long soul searching and cleansing tour around the mountains. What would I do without all of you, Thank you with love, Laura

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