Travels Abroad Without Fear – The Taunting!

This is almost too easy to write. Our son James was so excited about our pending trip to Scotland. It was the culmination of everything a 14 year old boy could hope for. His three goals were:

  • Visit castles featured in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail.”
  • Go and see anything that had to do with Robert the Bruce, Rob Roy, and William Wallace (Braveheart.)
  • Reconnect with his Scottish heritage. (This one, kind of sticks in my craw, since I’m German and James doesn’t even acknowledge my contribution. I will only say, it wasn’t an easy birth!)

James actually had done his research and knew generally where we should spend our time. We had this big book on Scotland (history, culture, lore, etc.) and took turns reading from it while driving from one destination to the other.

During this vacation, James, who was taking a photography class at the time, schlepped around two 2 Nikon SLR cameras, and six different (small and big) lenses, filters, etc. Result was amazing pictures, which we will share in future posts.

But, for now let’s settle into some of the silliness that only Monty Python could manufacture, let’s visit the castle where “The Taunting” transpires. It is Doune Castle and one of the very first we visited when we arrived in Scotland.

Here’s the link.

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