Lamb Chops: Finally Found Some

We finally managed to secure some lamb chops up here in Northern Wisconsin. Apparently not something Wisconsinites eat a lot. Had to go to a specialty butcher in Rhinelander, over an hour drive from here. (We didn’t drive up there just for lamb, we’re not that crazy, had to take Mom to the eye doctor.) They had them Frenched like you see. After allĀ  that trouble Jim did not want to screw them up. He did them simply on the grill with ground pepper and kosher salt. He finished them in the oven until internal temp was 140 degrees, let them rest, then tossed them with a bit of butter-sauteed garlic and some fresh chopped parsley. Delicious and I thought I didn’t like lamb. Jim proved me wrong. Served them with grilled asparagus. Put asparagus in a gallon freezer bag, added kosher salt, ground pepper and olive oil. Tossed and put them on the grill along with the chops. Easy perfect combo.

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