We Are Really Competitive

I owe Laura over $20,000. Why is this? Because of bets. I really don’t know about other couples but we are, in my opinion, extremely competitive. We are always telling each other they are wrong. Some would just roll over and admit it to avoid conflict. Not us. It is do or die. We have to prove the other one is wrong. We will go to extremes to do so. And, when we are so sure we are right, we are willing to bet large sums of money to back up our opinions.

So that is why I lost. I may at some point in my life learn not to bet against Laura. But I haven’t yet. I just wager smaller bets.

BTW. Laura has all my IOUs on paper. I am screwed!

One thought on “We Are Really Competitive

  1. Insane? Or DETERMINED! my kind of people 🙂 I like to call your types DOERS!!!!! You give us lazy people hope!

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