Antigo Farmer’s Market

My Mom has lived in this region (Northeast Wisconsin) for the last forty years and didn’t know this fabulous market existed. We took her there on its final day of this year. They won’t open up until Spring of next year. Hey, it will soon be Winter what would they sell, Snow Cones? The Market Vendors went out with a bang. Tomatoes so tasty and rich, carrots and beets bursting with color and earthy flavor, rich honey, sausages perfect in balance and seasoning, so many vegetables at their peak it’s difficult to extol their perfection. Color, texture and taste off the charts amazing. My Mom went NUTS, she is now 88 and needs a cane to walk so she was motoring around having conversations with farmers, buying everything, and handing it all off to her adorable son-in-law for toting.  I guess we have created a monster and know exactly where we will be every Saturday next Summer.



Above see the vegetable dyed yarns available from Donna Kallner. Check out her website

Bought a scarf for my Mom, plant dyed silk, staghorn sumac, fern leaves. Beautiful, wish we had a photo of it.

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