Our Little Bunny Whodat Is All Grown Up

We arrived here in Wisconsin around July 1. We’ve been feeding our little bunny Whodat lettuce the whole time. We went to Europe, so of course he didn’t get his lettuce snack for a while. But when we returned he had grown HUGE. You can’t really tell by the photos but Whodat is probably twice the size he was in the beginning. He really is a pig. He will eat a whole bowl of lettuce in a day. He should be fine during the coming winter. He has a burrow under our house. Rabbits don’t hibernate, but they do kind of slow down during the winter and sleep a lot.

Before                                                       After


This is the before and after photos. Sorry they don’t really depict how big he has become, but trust us he is much larger. We will miss him when we leave at the end of October, but hopefully he will be there again when we return.

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