Behind the Iron Curtain

We rented a house in Nová Bystřice in CZ. Interesting experience unlike any we have had before. Perhaps we came to appreciate this place because we had the luxury of staying there for a long time and because we were on the very edge of the former Iron Curtain. We could walk down the road (a beautiful walk by the way) north or south and find ourselves on two different planets. Walk north and we stay in CZ, go 1/2 mile south and we would be in Austria. Communist vs free nation. We have seen it before but never appreciated the differences until now. I went out for a walk in Nova Bystise the other evening, Jim and James stayed behind, I had the luxury of focusing on buildings and 6:00pm activities.  I’m going to caption the photos so you may see where I’ve seen. Two countries with different histories. The village of Nova Bystrise will be beautiful one day again soon, but for now, it suffers in comparison to it’s southern neighbor of Austria.

Typical building in Nova Bystrise
Main Street in Nova Bystrise
Typical Czech street name, lots of consonants, few vowels, and lots of accents.

After school playtime seems a little different in Czech Republic.

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