Hiking Skirt

So recently bought my first Hiking Skirt and will never go back. Here are my reasons for wearing and some buying tips. Even if you don’t hike, the shirt is so comfortable. Just great for daily errands and walking the dog.

  • Neutral color to hide dirt and blend in with surroundings, I always opt for black, especially when I’m traveling and don’t have access to laundry. Does a great job of hiding the Bolognese sauce!
  • A slight flare for ease of movement, I like the Columbia side ties so I can make the skirt short for easy movement on steep slopes and longer for post hike/walk “in village lunch and shopping.”
  • Moisture wicking fabric so sweat doesn’t stay on my body. Seriously this may sound gross but we’ve all worn stuff we’ve exercised in and it never dried out. Personally I don’t like being clammy.
  • I like it stretchy so it moves with me.
  • Real (deep) pockets for lip balm and hair ties, belt loops for attaching trail stuff, car key and whistle.
  • Getting back to not having access to laundry, today’s hiking skirts can be washed in the sink, hung over the shower rod, and will be dry by morning. Think of a whole trip on one skirt. Oh except for when you go to the opera.

So anyway, you can tell I’m a fan. Been in Europe for several weeks and wore a hiking skirt almost every day. Now weather is turning cold and apoplectic thinking about giving up my skirt. Gotta get back to SoCal soon.



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