We visited Trebon in the Czech Republic. The town was recommended to us by Rabin, the owner of a quite-exceptional Indian food restaurant. He spoke excellent English and seemed happy to be able to talk with some English speakers. Anyway he suggested going here because it is quite beautiful (he was right).


Besides being beautiful, Trebon is known for being the largest producer of fresh-water fish in Europe. They have been raising fresh water fish like Carp, Perch, and Trout since the 1500’s. They have an extensive network of ponds and canals to manage all of this.

We took a loooong walk around the largest lake in the town (clocked in at about 8.85 miles). Right on the lake is the Schwarzenberg Tomb, the Mausoleum of the Schwarzenberg ruling family.

For a time on the walk, we were behind a couple of locals, a man and wife. In a while he bends over near the side of the trail and starts rummaging in the brush near a tree. What is he doing? Turns out he pulls up a huge brown mushroom. So now we are looking for mushrooms too, but never found one like his. We wouldn’t have picked it anyway. This is one of the ones we found. Don’t worry we didn’t pick it.


Toward the end we were tired and in need of sustenance. We found this restaurant on Google. It had a high rating and the pictures looked intriguing. The problem was finding it. It showed up on Google Maps, but we wandered around looking for it for about 30 minutes. It was well-hidden, let me tell you. I doubt they would get any business at all if it weren’t for Google.

Anyway we get there and it is super-dark inside, everything is lit by candle light. Being a fish-farming town, Jim ordered Perch, but Laura and James opted for Chicken and Beef respectively, it was all excellent.

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  1. I am loving these missives Trebon: we were there by the way what was the name of the resturant?



    Mooneen Mourad 611 Nanak Court Naperville, Illinois 60565-3356



    “Give me wisdom, give me strength, and give me understanding. Please bless me and those I love in order that we may do Your work. And please remember those in special need.” c1991


  2. Should have put the name of the restaurant in the original post. Thanks for keeping us honest!

    At Kelly’s Tavern
    Krčma U Kellyho

    Zámek I/110, 379 01 Třeboň, Czechia
    +420 384 721 530

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