Litschau Austria

Cold chilly day yesterday! Burrr… Was going to go to Prague but poor poor Jim woke up with wicked nasty cold and fever. James and I had to get out, we forbade Jim to join us, he had to stay home and get well. Must have seriously been feeling logy, since he didn’t whisper a protest.  Drove over to Litschau and took wonderful hike. All the trails in this part of the world are so civilized, you’re six miles back into the woods and you want a sandwich, cake and some coffee, or better yet a beer. You’ve got it! There’s always a hut.

Laura and Crazy Guy in Litschau AU

So after hike, because we hiked miles and miles we rationalized that a coffee and cake where totally justified, we stopped in on a most excellent bakery and coffee shop.  Now you might think this old dude is just walking by, right? No…He stood there muttering something to me and would not get out of the shot. James finally said, Mom, get out of crazy guy’s vicinity. By the way, holding very tasty slice of Apple Strudel for ailing Jim.

Crispy Chicken Schnitzle with Chanarelle Sauce

Are we good or what? James and I went to the local Billa grocery store. Found Chanterelles at $8.00 per pound.  All we needed was a 1/4 lb., which was a bargain, yes, we’re eating Chanterelles tonight babies. Jim did chicken, James did sauce and broccoli, and I did French Whipped Potatoes. So good, always a pleasure to associate one’s self with excellent Chefs. I’ll tell you at some later point in time about horse meat, but this is another story.


Another great cup of coffee. Geeezz, life is good. Loving the company of my husband (so sorry you’re sick) and wonderful son James. We’ve have had all sorts of  time to talk about all aspects of life we haven’t had time for in many years. What a great trip: wonderful to begin getting caught with family, love of food, love of scenery, enjoying the different cultures, and people, wherever we go peopel, are loving, helpful, and friendly.

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