Interesting Observations: Austria & CZ

Today it was 100 degrees, wow, we thought it would be a little cooler. It’s now 6:00 and it’s cooling off considerably, clouds have rolled in and temp has dropped. Due to much colder weather and rain forecasted we are going to Prague tomorrow. Here are some of our observation from today.

  • In all Germanic countries, 99% of grocery cashiers sit down while ringing up your groceries. You also are expected to bag you own groceries, so be quick about it to avoid getting the “stink-eye” from the next customer!
  • Cigarettes are readily available at street vending machines but not in stores. Smoking is still permitted in outdoor seating at restaurants.
  • Rentals of condos here do not provide sheets, towels, or any other essentials. Basically they supply nothing you will need to cook, wash dishes, sleep, or bathe. No salt, no pepper, no dish soap, no sheets or towels (we had to rent them), no sheets (had to rent), no hand soap…. nothing. This being said our condo is stunning and wonderfully comfortable, well equipped with all appliances, TV, internet, Netflix, A/C, sauna, bikes, in all other respects it is perfect.
  • No one hurries the dining out experience. We had a lovely two hour lunch in a restaurant court yard after taking an urban walk around a village lake; 4 miles under beautiful trees.  Check out our photos.

Obviously, we had a very light dinner!

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