Wisconsin Barns We Love

We love one or two of these because they’re personal and the rest just because they’re beautiful. Our featured photo is dear because it was my father’s family farm. Sorry I cut out the farm house, but you see the outbuildings (Milk House) and silos. Our son, James, always judged the success of a farm by how many and how big were the silos. Dad, you did very well, but they say size doesn’t matter, yeah right! Other barns are just some of my favorites in our 10 mile radius. The barn with Orange Hay Loft door is one of my personal favorites, I have been driving by it since I was a tiny girl, always loved the architecture. The afternoon my mother and I actually stopped to take photos the local Sheriff, chased us off the poverty.  Seriously, was Sheriff thinking two ladies were organizing a “Hay Heist?” The stone silos are rare and a valued aspect of a barn complex. We are enraptured with the seriousness of a stone silo, we are planning the building our next house around the solid beauty of a stone structure. A silo is planned to be TV room and office: lots of windows and dropped ceiling (for warmth.) Stay tuned for house plans and observations on trip to Europe in a couple of weeks. We promise to take lots of photos.


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