Just Walked 2000 Miles!

Just accomplished a major goal, exceeded 2000 miles, walking, hiking, and running on MapMyRun App. I first started seriously using the app about three years ago, I actually have had the app on my phone since 2012 but hardly ever used it when I hiked and walked, wish I had. Who knows how far I’ve actually traveled. Strongly suggest we all use an app for exercise, it’s a great motivator. Speaking of great motivators, want to give huge thank you to my walking partners: Renee my neighbor, Jim my husband, James my son, and Podcasts for when I’m alone. Also a shout out to Renee’s dog Sofie, I know she’s smiling when she’s with me. Next goal is from my home in Santa Barbara to our home in Lakewood WI, distance 2,269.00!

Kirkley Family
Laura, Jim and (The Bearded Wonder) James at the Pinnacles.

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