The Big Easel

Dinned at the Big Easel last Saturday with our former college room mate and best friend Richard Edison.

The Big Easel is not a tricked out title, it’s actually the name of an art co-op/gallery and fabulous restaurant in Wabeno, WI. It’s hidden in plain sight, high on a hill top. The house is one of the many logging baron’s homes built in the late 1890s. Every square inch is dedicated to comfy tables and cozy nooks. Nothing matches, there’s art everywhere, in the garden, on the huge expansive porch, in the bathrooms. It’s is very beautifully curated and energetic.  Your eyes are engaged from the moment you park the car. But, forgive me I haven’t even mentioned the food. Husband and wife, Tim and Connie Friesen are in the kitchen!!! Every restaurant here in northern WI is: Tacos on Monday, fish on Friday, Prime Rib on Saturday, Broasted Chicken on Sunday. Some are better than others but all the same. Nay, Nay, Nay….at the Big Easel. The menu is set, this last Saturday night we started off with a colossal Shrimp,  three small appetizers: a small single pork rib, a poached fish with basil pesto, and a mixed berry compote.  Main course was BBQ Brisket, tender and moist, superb, served with rice pilaf, and perfectly done fresh green beans. Would love to talk about dessert, but by this time we were stuffed and didn’t have dessert. If we had dined there a week earlier the menu would have been Tex-Mex and the Saturday would have been Mayan.

What can one say? The environment is calming and beautiful. Big and small pieces of art in an old mansion. The Friesen’s are incredible chefs. They not only care about the taste and quality of the food but stick to their need to expand their culinary journey.

All we can say is hold the course, and allows us to journey with you. Simply a sublime evening.

Richard Edison and Jim Kirkley

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